And the Winner Is….

Ceci as Batwoman

And the Winner Is….

You never know who will show up at Berrios Orthodontics on Halloween.  This year to the delight of all, Batwoman took time out from keeping the streets of Gotham safe to share some Halloween cheer.  The tooth fairy flew around sprinkling fairy dust which made Dr. Berrios sneeze and everyone laugh.  The wolf man came by to have his braces taken off and was so excited to see his new smile shouted,  “My teeth look GRRRRRRRRRRRREAT! Thanks Dr. Berrios.”

And the winner is…

Thanks to all are friends who voted for their favorite costume.  While the voting was close, the winner was Ceci who dressed up like Batwoman.

Fun Fact – The character of Batwoman was originally introduced in 1956 appearing in DC Comics stories beginning with Detective Comics #233.

Staff Member Ceci

Ceci has a passion for helping people and enjoys being in an industry where she can have a positive impact on the lives of others.  Perhaps, that is why she loves working with Dr. Berrios and Berrios Orthodontics because he helps children, teens and adults improve their dental health and smile.  “I love seeing a patient’s face the first time we take off their braces.”  Ceci enjoys working out and attending deaf festivals to practice her signing skills. Ceci has been taking American Sign Language classes (ASL) for three years and looking forward to taking more.