Who will you be this Halloween?

Halloween Costumes

Who will you be this Halloween?

It’s that time of year again when all the ghosts and goblins come out to say “Happy Halloween!”

It’s also the time when everyone gets to dress up as their favorite actor, personality, character or superhero for a night of Trick-or-Treat. Each year we love celebrating Halloween at Berrios Orthodontics. Everyone in the office gets dressed up and it’s a lot of fun. We never know who will turn up. Last year, we had a special appearance by Thor. Turns out that when he’s not saving the world he’s helping patients of all ages have beautiful smiles.

Who will have the best costume this year?

Will it be Desiree, Ceci, Roxy, Victoria, Kelvin or Dr. Berrios? You decide.  We will be taking pictures of the staff in costume and posting them in the lobby so patients can vote for their favorite.  We will also post the pictures on our Facebook page and our followers can “like” their favorite costume. At the end of the day, we will count all the votes, including the ones on Facebook and post the winner.

We look forward to seeing you and the little ones this Halloween.  Stop by and say hello and join in the fun.

Who will you be this Halloween?

According to Google Shopping’s data, the top trending costume searches for this year’s holiday are:

  • Minion costume
  • Breaking Bad costume
  • Fox costume
  • Duck Dynasty costume
  • Miley Cyrus costume
  • Minecraft costume
  • Daenerys costume
  • Batman costume
  • Gatsby dress costume
  • Daft Punk costume

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