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4 Myths About Orthodontics

4 Myths About Orthodontics

There are many misconceptions or myths surrounding orthodontics. Choosing an orthodontist is an important decision. Choosing the right orthodontist can have a profound impact on adults and children with misaligned or crooked teeth. Orthodontics correct teeth but more importantly improve facial structure and appearance. With so many dental professionals practicing today, it can often be confusing when trying to decide the best care for you or your family. Here are some commonly held myths about orthodontics.

Myth Number 1 — A General Dentist is an Orthodontist Specialist?

Your dentist may be the first person to mention orthodontic treatment and may send you to an orthodontist for a consultation. However, a general dentist is not a specialist in orthodontics. Some general dentists may attend a weekend course in orthodontics. However, an orthodontist is a dental specialist who has completed an additional 2 to 4 years of training after graduating from dental school in the development, prevention and correction of irregularities of the teeth, bite and jaws and related facial abnormalities.

To insure that you and your family are getting the best possible care it is important to see a qualified and trained orthodontic specialist. Some general dentists offer orthodontic treatment as an adjunct to their other routine dental services. Most general dentists have very little advanced training in orthodontics.

Myth Number 2 — The Myth of Cheap Braces

In this economy, we are all looking for a deal or a money saving offer. You may have seen ads promising braces for just $99.00 per month. This can be misleading as the average cost of braces is between $5,000 and $7,500 depending on the complexity of the treatment. At $99.00 per month, plus any interest that you may incur, you will be paying off those braces for years to come at a must higher cost than advertised.

Myth Number 3 — Are Extractions are necessary?

For many years, it has been a common practice for orthodontists to extract teeth when there is crowding. Extracting teeth is a fast way to create space so other teeth can move into proper position and it makes it easier to straighten the teeth. But is it really the best thing for the patient? When teeth are extracted it is permanent and can have a dramatic impact on facial aesthetics, especially in children. As your child grows older their face will grow longer and flatter instead of fuller.

The great news is that with advances in orthodontic techniques most extractions are not necessary. In fact, the vast mast majority of cases 99.99% extraction is not needed. Pulling teeth is an outdated treatment technique and it can adversely affect your appearance for the rest of your life. If your doctor has suggested that you or your child needs to have teeth extracted, it might a good idea to get a second opinion from an orthodontist that offers a treatment plan that utilizes modern techniques and stresses facial appearance as well as straight teeth.

Myth Number 4 — Your Child is too Young for Orthodontic Treatment

You may be concerned that your child’s teeth are not developing the way they should. Perhaps your child has an over bite or an under bite and you would like to correct the problem before it becomes permanent and impacts the child later in life. You have been told that your child is too young to start orthodontic treatment. The truth is that patients with orthodontic problems can benefit from treatment at nearly any age. The American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) recommends that children should be seen for their first orthodontic consultation no later than age 7. It is also important to choose an orthodontist with training and experience in natural growth guidance techniques like Orthotropics®.

These are just some of the misconceptions surrounding the field of orthodontics. If you have any questions or concerns about orthodontic care for you or your family please call Dr. David Berrios at 818-718-9180 or e-mail info@drberrios.com

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Dr. David Berrios is located in Northridge, California and provides Orthodontic services to Tarzana, Encino, Calabasas, Sun City, Northridge and the entire San Fernando Valley. He is a member of the International Association of Facial Growth Guidance and strongly believes that crooked teeth or an improper bite is due to incorrect development of the muscles and jaws. Unlike most other orthodontists, he feels that that these cannot be corrected by braces, extraction of healthy teeth or surgery alone.




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